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Helpful Moving Tips

5 to 8 weeks before:

  1. Confirm moving dates
  2. Discuss your employer’s moving policies/restrictions
  3. Confirm insurance coverage needs
  4. Prepare up-to-date inventory with pictures
  5. Order phone book

4 weeks before:

  1. Sort your belongings and decide what you don’t want to take
  2. Hold a garage sale or give items you don't need to family or friends
  3. Contact schools in the area
  4. Arrange for storage of your items if needed

3 weeks before:

  1. Obtain records you will take: medical, dental, school
  2. If necessary, obtain veterinary records and arrange for transport of your pet
  3. Make travel arrangements and reservations
  4. Research clubs, organizations and church affiliations in the area
  5. Schedule disconnection of telephone, utilities and appliances in your old house
  6. Arrange connection of telephone, utilities and appliances in your new house
  7. Begin packing, unless you have arranged for all packing to be handled by the mover
  8. If necessary, arrange special transport of plants

2 weeks before:

  1. Organize important documents, such as insurance records and automobile registration
  2. Send change­of­address announcements by letter or card
  3. Arrange for transfer of bank and other financial accounts
  4. Handle necessary financial correspondence, such as payment or transfer of bills
  5. If you have a young child, schedule a baby sitter for moving day

1 week before:

  1. Cancel newspaper subscription and other delivery services as needed
  2. Arrange for transfer of prescriptions
  3. Inspect/tune­up of your automobile
  4. Defrost and dry refrigerator/freezer (about 3 days before move)
  5. Remove/pack items not to be moved; label "DO NOT MOVE"
  6. Pack box of essentials needed for move in; label "LAST ON, FIRST OFF"
  7. Obtain money/traveler’s checks for the trip

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